Macroseal stocks a wide range of rubber gasket sheet, for use in nearly any industrial application. We cut rubber gaskets for chemical, pulp and paper, wastewater, military, railroad, transformer, and general service applications. Non-standard custom gaskets, or large gaskets, are not a problem for Macroseal with its experienced production team. Available elastomers include silicone, viton, EPDM, hypalon, nitrile, cloth-inserted diaphragm, epichlorohydrin, and BuckFab.

  • Standard roll lengths are 36" and 48" wide
  • Many elastomers and gauges available from 1/32" to 2"+ thick
  • Fabric reinforced sheets and gaskets available
  • Surfaces can be smooth or textured
  • Wide sheet rolls available for one-piece construction on larger gaskets
  • FDA gasket materials available
  • Rubber and foam rubber stripping available, both at factory and Macroseal
  • Quality American-made products
  • AASHTO Grade gasket material
  • Specification Grade materials available, both in sheet and gasket form
  • Fabric reinforced (BuckFab), to conform to Mil-C-882