Style 33 Flex-a-Seal

Flex-A-Seal and its beneficial "integrated cartridge system" of mechanical seals are distributed by Macroseal. Flex-A-Seal offers high-performance double cartridge mechanical seals through its Styles 73 and 75. Style 85, a split cartridge seal, is offered where installations can be difficult. Other Flex-A-Seal sealing products include: Style 27 (RS1), a rotating multiple spring cartridge seal; Style 29 (RS3), with a RS1 design and vent and drain gland with throttle bushing; Style 37 (SS1), a stationary single spring cartridge seal; Style 50 (RB1), a rotating welded bellows cartridge seal; Style 34 (SB1), a stationary welded bellows cartridge mechanical seal; Style 33 (PHB), a stationary welded bellows seal; and Style 35 (PHS), a stationary multiple spring cartridge seal

  • Integrated Cartridge System
  • Common sleeves, glands, and seal parts, for all Flex-A-Seal designs
  • Quick cartridge assembly
  • Easy-to-modify face material, metallurgy, and elastomers
  • Low-cost mechanical seal repair kits
  • Exotic alloys available
  • Premium welded bellows designs at multiple spring prices
  • Quick deliveries
  • Various exchange programs
  • Easy-to-install cartridge designs
  • Sleeves are isolated from the product
  • Fewer "O" rings
  • Rugged machine construction

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