High-temperature cloth, gaskets, and door seals are available from Macroseal for applications where higher temperatures of 1000 deg. F or more occur. Dry and stitched fiberglass cloth gaskets, dry fiberglass tape and rope, woven silica and ceramic tapes, cloths, and ropes, silicone coated sleeving, are all products offered for boiler, furnace doors, and various textile applications. We also sell molded rubber gaskets, Topog-E style, for steam boilers.

  • High-temperature cloths for splash protection
  • Tadpole tape, for door seals
  • Boiler gaskets
  • High-temperature textile flange gaskets
  • Ropes, for sealing, in square braid, knitted, or twisted
  • Welding cloth and curtains
  • Textile materials for boiler repair
  • Wire-inserted textiles available, for cloths, blankets, or gaskets
  • Silicone-coated tubing
  • Vermiculite-coated fiberglass materials
  • Molded rubber gaskets for steam boilers, Topog-E