O-Rings, Molded & Extruded Rubber, Machined Parts

O-rings, Molded & Extruded Rubber, Machined Parts

Macroseal stocks and sells o-rings for all types of static and dynamic applications. O-rings are available in both metric and standard sizes. O-rings are available in viton, nitrile, EPDM, PTFE, neoprene, Parker Parofluor, epichlorohydrin, butyl, silicone, and PTFE backup (rings). Macroseal also sells quad rings, O-ring cords, square-cut O-rings, and vulcanized O-rings for any and all types of non-standard sizes. Splicing kits and O-ring measuring cones and tapes are available. Parofluor O-rings are used in high-temperature applications and are resistant to most media.

Extruded and molded rubber parts are available through Macroseal, in an endless variety of designs and compounds. Simple square or rectangular designs, with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive peel-off backings, to complicated computer-generated profiles, are always sold or stocked at Macroseal. Whether the requirement is for servicing high temperatures or high pressure applications, soft and recoverable sponge for door applications, silicone or viton for harsher environments, the staff of Macroseal can provide technical assistance and quick quotations with competitive pricing.

Much as pliable rubber parts are molded or extruded, harder materials such as PTFE can be machined to close tolerances. The most common of machined PTFE materials would be virgin PTFE or glass-filled PTFE; many other customized fillers are available for these machined PTFE parts, including graphite, Peek, Ryton, fiberglass, molybdenum disulfide, nylon. These products are almost always made to order.

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