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ProTech Bearing Isolators

Parker's ProTech bearing isolator is the "ultimate in bearing protection", designed for zero lubricant leakage and the total exclusion of contaminants. ProTech has excellent chemical resistant seals that perform well in high speed and high temperature environments. Parker's labyrinth technology provides contaminant exclusion, instead of an internal o-ring protection. The ProTech 360 is designed for flooded oil and oil mist applications, and the Millennium profile is a metallic isolator that is unitized without internal o-rings or locking rings. Parker provides ProTech in many standard designs and custom designs. Some of ProTech's features and advantages are:

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PDF File ProTech Bearing Isolators-Sealing Applications, Pump Listings, Profile LS-LN-LB-LW-WD-SL, Profile Milennium SM- ML- MN, Profile FS 360, Profile FN 360, Inch & Metric Standards, Design Data Sheet.