Spiral wound gaskets are actually considered a semi-metallic gasket style, consisting of metallic and non-metallic materials. The metal is responsible for the gasket's strength and the non-metallic materials provide the sealing component. Spiral wound gaskets and other types of non-soft gaskets provide preferred sealing options where higher temperatures and higher pressures are factors. Flexitallic also supplies through Macroseal distributorship Flexpro gaskets (covered serrated metal core gaskets), metal jacketed gaskets, ring type joints, and MRGs (metal reinforced gaskets). With its own waterjet cutting capabilities, Macroseal cuts many of its customers' custom metal gaskets and plates, both for industrial and decorative ends.

Downloadable PDF Files
PDF File Ring Joint Catalog- Style R, Style RX, Style BX, Specialised Ring Type Joins, Style RX with PTFE Inserts
PDF File Spiral Wound Catalog-Gasket Indetification, Gasket Selection, Dimensional Data, Technical Data, Special Application Gaskets, Boiler Cap and Mandhole Covers.
PDF File Flexitallic FlexPro- Style PN, Style ZG, Style ZA, Dimensional Data. Material and Temperature Data.
PDF File Flexitallic-Gasket Design Criteria