Duct Type Expansion

Large duct-type expansion joints are available from Macroseal, with many different styles of attachment frames, baffles, and frames with baffles. EPDM, viton, silicone, and other cover materials are available. Flue duct material can handle up to 2,000 degrees F. Belted or flanged styles are available. For use in:

  • Power generating plants, in wet or dry gas systems
  • High-temperature exhaust gas systems
  • Chemical plant applications where scrubbers and precipitators are used in breeching systems
  • Draft and induced draft fans
  • Baghouses
  • Fly ash service

Downloadable PDF Files
PDF File RM Dynex Non-Metallic Expansion Joints- Power Generation Applications,Economy Styles: X275-X300 X404-X425, Performance Styles E300E E400V C500-1000, Premium Styles: Mark II Mark III Mark V Modified Mark V 1200 GTA/GB.