Flexitallic brings its industry-wide respected name to a full line of compressed fiber and graphite sheeting.  Antistick coating is standard on compressed fiber sheets.  Macroseal is a stocking distributor for Flexitallic sheet products, and can provide both standard and non-standard gasket sizes.  Also available is Flexitallic's Thermiculite Critical Service gasket material.

  • A full range of gasket sheet materials
  • Thermiculite Critical Service gasket material, which can be waterjet cut at Macroseal
  • General service sheet such as SF 2401 (synthetic/NBR)
  • SBR sheet SF 2420 (synthetic/SBR)
  • Aramid/Glass sheet, such as SF 3300 and SF 3500
  • Carbon sheet for caustic liquor applications (SF 5000)
  • High temperature and higher compressibility with AF 2100 (glass, NBR)
  • Inserted graphite sheets (Flexicarb ST and Flexicarb SR)


(See other sections for Flexitallic spiral-wound gaskets, metal gaskets, and Sigma sheet.)

Downloadable PDF Files
PDF File Flexitallic -Thermiculite - High temperture gasket
PDF File Flexitallic Compressed Fiber and Graphite- SF1630, SF2401, SF2420, SF3300, SF3500, SF5000, AF2100, Flexicarb ST Graphite Tanged 316SS Core, Flexicarb SR Graphite Flat 316SS Core, Chemical Resistance Sheet.